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The claim

You may know Experian as a ‘credit reference agency’. It is one of three main companies in the United Kingdom which puts together information about your borrowing in order to create a ‘credit score’ which is checked by banks and credit card providers before they offer you a loan.

But you may not know that Experian is also a ‘data broker’. It hoovers up information about you in order to create a profile made up of more than 500 pieces of information about your finances, your family and your interests, and then it sells those profiles on.

Experian does not tell you that it is creating a profile of you. It does not contact you to check that the profile is correct. It does not ask your permission at any stage.

We believe that Experian is breaking the law.

We act for Dr Liz Williams who is an academic and privacy campaigner. She is bringing a case on behalf of everyone in England and Wales who has been affected (estimated to be more than 95% of the adult population).

How the claim may affect you

Dr Williams is bringing her claim against Experian as the representative of all affected adults in England and Wales.

If Dr Williams wins her case, you will automatically be entitled to damages from Experian.

If you do not want Dr Williams to represent you, then you can “opt out” of the litigation by clicking here and completing the opt out form.

We ask in that form for your (a) names, (b) date of birth, and (c) address. That is so that we can identify you specifically and so that there is no confusion between you and anyone else with a similar name.

We will use the information that you provide in the form to exclude you from the claim. We may need to provide that information to the Court or to Experian.